For thousands of years, before sunrise;

While the shepherd guiding star (Venus) in the sky to show the way,

While the inviting stars to make a wish, came from the unkown and flows to distant horizons,

When Milky Way in milky white sheen, spacing the doors of the dream worlds,


Begans the journey;




Agricultural Laborers,

Fishermen into the sea,

Passengers, traying to meet up lovers.

Sunrise lovers comes out of to Windows, gardens, mountains interests,

They are fascinated;

When they are a witness to

Pink, yellow colors of sunrise

And the blood-red to ruddiness of dawn time.

Dive types of dreams,

Maybe they live with lovers in the hearts,

Maybe they talk about the loves of unspoken in the hearts,

Perhaps they yearn for the remaining memories of love, melancholia or unrequited love.

The story is told in Homer’s verses in  Odyssey;

Pink – yellow glow colors of sunrise, and ruddiness of Dawn’s time.

Every new day begins with EOS,

Eos Goddess of the morning, “Rose Fingered Dawn” is also called,

She is Delicate, soft.

There is also a brother, Sun.

Four gold horse drawn his chariot in the fire-breathing white foam,

“Rose Fingered Dawn” paints the sky pink and yellow to report the arrival of his brother.

“Ares” the God of war, one of the gods of the rough and wild, passionately in love with to delicate and gentle Goddess,

He waits for “Rose Fingered Dawn” and

suddenly confronted,

Goddess in the affected Ares too.

Goddess of Love Aphrodite, the love affair with Ares, is very jealous Eos,

Spells and fills her heart with a inexhaustible and unabated desire against the young and mortal men.

Since then, “Rose Fingered Dawn”

When it starts each new day

Looks for young men who are sleeping rooms.

She was very shy, because of can not do without them

This is why it is time to shame the ruddiness of Dawn’s in the morning.

When we get up in the early morning and while watching the sunrise,

We can remember the never-ending love and modesty of Eos,

In the ruddiness of Dawn time.

Perhaps the people who are pure in heart, filled with love in immaculately

May hear love songs in shy of Rose Fingered Dawn

In the colors of sunrise.

Geçmiş Zaman Yolcusu / Past – Time Passenger

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