Lives, if you are talking about, is the sunlight of the evening. It’s softly warm, beautiful and very enjoyable. But, too short. It goes away without understanding; How it started and, How it’s going. … Geçmiş Zaman Yolcusu / Past-Time Passenger


Deep silence…… In an infinite nothingness, as if he was looking for something. Suddenly, His ears blowing a whisper, Heard the sound of silence for all the soul;     “Hey, you! …”


I am sailing into the infinity, Only the boat with white sails and me, I am leaving behind everything from, Did not want anything to me; what troubles Nor loved ones. I am sailing into the infinity. Without wishing to say goodbye, To the beaches, surrounded by snow-white foam, And to the lighthouse and the…


For thousands of years, before sunrise; While the shepherd guiding star (Venus) in the sky to show the way, While the inviting stars to make a wish, came from the unkown and flows to distant horizons, When Milky Way in milky white sheen, spacing the doors of the dream worlds, Begans the journey; Shepherds, Caravans,…